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If you don’t wait for the boss to tell
you what to do Even when the job is done,
you’re trying something new
You love it when the weekend takes
a while But you cant wait to greet
Mondays with a smile

Then girl as a perk be
beautiful as your work

Even the coffee machine
doesn’t work as hard as you
You’re friends may be partying but
work is party too
The printer may be jammed
The table lamp may be out.
But babe, when the world is down,
you’re still up and about.

Then girl as a perk be
beautiful as your work


As beautiful as your work

The beauty is in the details.The Mia Collection takes its inspiration from the unexplored finesse in the cross-sections of sliced luscious fruits. At the heart of every piece of Mia jewellery is the unrivalled lustre of fruits. An expression of modern luxury, each product forms an independent piece and tells its own little story.

Fruits like Orange, Lemon, Kiwi and Cucumber were translated through delicate cutwork patterns displaying a positive-negative play. Besides these, Lotus stem and Lettuce/Cabbage also stimulated various interesting patterns which were accentuated with trims of diamonds to add a touch of shimmer. Every design reflects the creative energy that is inherent in each of us.

Color stones like Mint amethyst, Pink Amethyst, Lemon Topaz, Beer Quartz, Smoky quartz and more were used to add diversity to the collection. Mia jewelry redefines itself with each little gesture of the wearer. The wearer brings it to life as it becomes incorporated into her style.

Terms And Conditions


By participating in "Tanishq Mia presents As Beautiful as your work" Contest (hereinafter referred to as "this Contest"), you (i.e., the " Contestant") irrevocably agree to the following Terms and Conditions between yourself and TV18 Broadcast Limited ("TV18 ").


  1. This Contest is organized by Tanishq Mia and TV18 and shall commence from 25th October, 2013 and shall close on 30th November, 2013 (both days inclusive) ("Term").
  2. This Contest is open only to Indian Citizens, residing in India.
  3. This Contest is not open for employees and/or family members of employees of TV18 or those of the Sponsor (defined below) and any of their affiliate/subsidiaries/group companies.
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  5. This Contest will be aired on each of the episodes of the programme "Tanishq Mia presents As Beautiful as your work" ("Programme") on TV18's channel "CNN IBN" during the Term. For detailed terms and conditions log on to the website www.mia.tanishq.co.in ("Website").
  6. The Contestant can participate in this Contest in the following manner:

6.1 During the Term of this Contest one (1) question will be asked in each episode of the Programme and the Contestants will be required to give the correct answer as stated herein below.

6.2 The questions will have four (4) options, i.e., a, b, c & d and the Contestant will be required to choose the correct answer in the following manner: SMS MIA <SPACE> Option A/B/C/D to 51818.

6.3 First two (2) participants who have sent correct entries in each of the episodes to TV18 will be declared as winners for that particular episode.

6.4 The winners of the Contest for each episode of the programme will be declared on the next episode of the Programme.

6.5 TV18 accepts no responsibility under any circumstance whatsoever for including but not limited to incomplete or incomprehensible entries, for technical and/or telephone networks, which become lost, misdirected or delayed. Any such entries will be deemed void and the decision of TV18 in this respect will be final and binding.

6.6 The Participants shall send entries between 11: 30 PM on Friday to 11: 30 PM on Sunday after airing of each of the episodes of the Programme. The entries sent between the above mentioned timings after airing of each of the episodes shall only be considered by TV18.

6.7 The Prizes shall be as follows ("Prize/s"), which shall be sponsored by Tanishq Mia ("Sponsor"):

6.7.1. 2 Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 2,000 for 2 winners selected on each episode of the Programme ("Prize").

6.8 In the event that the Prize Winner selected by TV18 is unwilling or unable to give his/her acceptance to the Terms and Conditions of the Contest, TV18 shall select another winner who gives his/her acceptance to the Terms and Conditions of the Contest. The winner of the Prize will be announced only after the Winner of the Prize gives an acceptance of compliance of the Terms and Conditions of this Contest provided on the Website.

7. TV18 shall forward the details of the winners to the Sponsor who will dispatch the Prize to the winners after acceptance of the said Terms and Conditions by the winner.

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9. Upon being declared a winner, the winner will be required to comply with the following pre-requisites prior to being handed over the Prize:

9.1 Furnishing his/her name, address, age, sex, contact number;

9.2 A copy of his/her Photo identity card, PAN card;

9.3 Any valid Proof of address;

9.5 The winner of the Prize of the Contest will have to bear the cost of all taxes, levies, charges, as may be applicable including but not limited to Stamp Duty, registration charges, service tax, gift tax etc.;

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12. TV18 shall contact the winners on the telephone numbers provided by the Contestant to a maximum of three (3) times. In the event that the winner is not available/reachable on the number provided by the Contestant, the winner forfeits his/her right to the Prize and TV18 may in its sole discretion hand over the Prize to another winner and the same shall be final and binding.

13. If the telephone number of the Contestant has been transferred to another individual after entry into the Contest, the Contestant who owned the telephone number at the time of entry into the contest shall not claim the Prize or make any claims in respect of the Contest in this regard.

14. If the Prize winner does not convey acceptance within 24 hrs of intimation of the same, the Prize shall unconditionally and irrevocably lapse and the winner will cease to have any right, interest or claim in the same.

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Nothing Beats Her, Nothing Breaks Her
Posted by Sunita Kurup Sapru Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"Come on Ma don't wait for your retirement, just quit and join us", this is the standard line whenever we talk to my mother-in-law.  When I read about this concept by Tanishq, As Beautiful As Your Work, the only woman I could think of was her.  She is undoubtedly beautiful (as you can see from her picture), but the reason she is as beautiful as her work, is because she works at a publicly held Insurance Company, a place which is full of grievances all the time.[...]

More Than Social Work
Posted by Monika Pant Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Poonam headed the social wing of a large institution. She knew that what she was doing was a thankless job. She still had 3 blankets to distribute. It was not a chore for her or a target she had to achieve. She found a drive within her to give them what they needed, at whatever cost.[...]

Love: The Main Ingredient
Posted by Monika Pant Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
My mother was known by all friends and relatives as a wonderful cook. Never had my father praised her cooking, but every day he would find fault with the dishes prepared by the hired help. He would ask mother to repair the ‘dish’, and she would do the best she could. She knew father’s tastes and was indignant more than he was, if she felt that his likes and dislikes were not being considered in any household matter.[...]

Dreams Do Come True
Posted by Monika Pant Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Not everyone gets the job of his dreams. At the beginning of every new issue, the junior magazine editors have a mixed response to the responsibility they have been entrusted with.
They are mostly in their early twenties and have to be handled with care. One such girl was Sunita, a determined young artist, who had been cajoled into joining this profession, just because she had a natural flair for writing. I could see that her heart was not in it, but I could not say so. I took it as a challenge [...]

50 Shades Of Mehak~The Mia Woman...
Posted by Bushra M Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
For some women work is a need and for some its worship, for Mehak, it's a passion and a form of self expression. Peaches and blush.com was started in 2011 by Mehak Sagar as an Indian beauty and makeup blog, but over the course of two years it has become one of the most popular online portals focusing on Indian beauty, fashion and Indian brides! How? Well! All credits goes to its owner, Mehak who made this possible with her hard work and her amazing skills![...]

She Works In Beauty
Posted by Priyanka Roy Banerjee Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
There are women all around us, and then, there are women who inspire us. I will not write about myself or any urbane woman who is erudite enough to make herself and her work beautiful. I feel it would be injustice if I don’t write about the most hard working woman I have seen till now. No, she is not my mother, but my maid or ‘domestic help’ as she would be called these days. I have been witness to her strength, both physical and mental, for the past seven months now[...]

Posted by Anita Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
She makes everyday so easy for me,
She listens & shares my sorrows & ecstasy…
Home-Management is tough without her-
She is my Lady-Knight-In-Shining-Armour…
She has a dazzling smile on her face,
Completes the tasks swiftly with grace…
My above lines are dedicated to a very important lady in my life- Jyotsna, who makes her work beautiful...[...]

Flaunting Her Style, Business Meanwhile
Posted by Zooni Khan Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Bollywood Film Producer and Fashion designer, designing for films like Aisha and Players, The Average Looking Rhea Kapoor has already made her mark in the glam industry at the age of 26.
"Behind every man's success, there is a woman, Behind Sonam Kapoor's Image as a Fashion icon is Rhea Kapoor."[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work ~ My Mia Ma
Posted by Ankita Singhal Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
She is my first teacher and will always be the best one. She is the woman who albeit being married in a conservative family kept on perusing her PhD in Endocrinology in zoology. After completing her PhD she wanted to work, since allowing studies was one thing and getting permission to work by her In-laws was another, her husband helped her finding the middle ground and she started to give guest lecturers in universities. She maintained the balance between work and the responsibilities to her fam[...]

The Work Of A Beautiful Life
Posted by Arunima Shekhar Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
She came from a small town in Karnataka, known as the “Rice Bowl of Karnataka” – Shimoga. Coming from a family rooted in religion, arts and medicine, she had a natural flair for all three. At a time when women were brought up in a very conservative environment, she was tutored by a grandfather to liberal ideas far ahead of her times. Post Pre-University (today XII grade), she was married when she was eighteen and moved to North India. Family duties and kids drew her into a vicious circle, [...]

Urmi Basu : The Lady With The Lamp
Posted by Shankar Bhattacharya Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
“Touch my life with the magic of thy fire

And it’s burning gift of pain –

Make it precious…………”[...]

Your Work As Beautiful As You
Posted by Sfurti Juztamom Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
People said give up, let it go,
You are alone, you have a handicap,
You will never survive,
You survived
And you worked
Your work as beautiful as you[...]

AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOUR WORK – Tanishq’s Mia Blog Contest
Posted by Anupam Dabral Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Fashion is something which changes with time and style remains forever. Style necessarily has nothing much to do with glamour, one can be ordinarily dressed and be stylish. It has a lot to do with your substantial makeup. If you are effortless and your attitude resonates confidence and charisma one automatically becomes stylish. Same is the case with Preetika Mathew, Deputy Editor, Harpers Bazaar India.[...]

Mia By Tanishq : As Beautiful As Your Work Story
Posted by Monika Singh Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Kadambari is a working woman as a government school head teacher. She is very simple with all her looks whether it’s fashion clothing, cosmetics or jewelry. She never find herself crazy for suits, skirts, shoes and all other fashion accessories. She always stays busy with her school, family and home. She loves organizing in everything whatever she do. Her daughter Khanak , always ask her to do some makeup and to wear lovely cloths of new fashion trends.[...]

A Woman As Beautiful As Her Work: Shalinii Gupta Chopra
Posted by Lakshmi G Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Shalini Gupta Chopra's work is as beautiful as her, because, quite simply, she is Stylish By Nature :)
Shalini was born in Delhi and studied computers there and is now settled in Bangalore. She stylishly quips she never decided to get in to fashion or style blogging - it just came about naturally, with the seeds sown in 2010 and her blog going full steam in 2012.[...]

A Woman As Beautiful As Her Work: Agam
Posted by Lakshmi G Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Agam, born and bred in Chandigarh, Punjab is truly a woman who makes her work beautiful - literally, being a fashion blogger and a fashion designer with her own line!

A commerce graduate and an MBA in marketing, she started her fashion blog in April 2011 and her started retailing her fashion designer line, The TrimmingsAndLace collection from January 2013.[...]

Mia By Tanishq - "As Beautiful As Your Work"
Posted by Megha Shrimali Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
The day I listened to this song for the first time I could feel the strength a woman inherits within her. Be it your mother, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, acquaintance or any family member; it’s the woman who sets the world right. Nothing can bend her or break her. A woman of substance; her dedication, determination keeps her going.[...]

A Woman As Beautiful As Her Work: Sakshi Kumar
Posted by Lakshmi G Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Born and brought up in Delhi, Sakshi Kumar is only acutely aware of Women's Welfare and that means crusading for 'Justice For Women'.

Product of the Delhi University where she did her Bachelor of Arts Honors in Journalism, she first started 'Justice For Women' as a hashtag on Twitter, which now has grown in to a movement making a difference. Her goal was to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations and she has now succeeded in galvanizing support not just among family and friends,[...]

Her Work Being Called Legendary Is An Understatement!
Posted by Najmunnissa Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
To believe in magic, to believe in dreams , to believe in beauty is something I learnt from books.
And by books I mean Harry potter !

Whenever the word 'Inspiring' pops up in my head my thoughts automatically drift to' JK rowling'
The sensational woman behind the Magic of my childhood ![...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Jayshree Bhagat Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
This is something really silly I must say…..but I have to admit I love myself after my mom…this was tough, though prompt for me to answer...since most of us love our mom like I do! But there are so many things that are just not enough to quote in those 500 words. Hence I couldn’t think of anyone else than me.  Let me praise some bit of me and feel proud of myself.[...]

The Beauty Of Her Life!
Posted by Aarti Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Ria had the voice that brought a smile on millions of faces. Millions - wait a second, an FM station's reach could at most have lakhs of listeners? Well, there were overseas listeners too when she used to anchor shows for the web radio. She earnestly waited for that 4-hour slot everyday when she could share and touch other lives. Even her listeners waited for that time of the day when they could hear their favourite RJ's chirpy, bubbly pep talk in between the numerous hit songs she played.[...]

Twitterings Of A Fanatic Writer
Posted by Shambhavi Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
If someone tells me, ‘You are looking so good today. You should do your hair like that more often,’ I would probably gag and fumble, wanting to scramble out the nearest exit. I am not very good at reacting to compliments. Hence, when I came across the ”As Beautiful as Your Work” contest and could only think of myself fitting in as the subject, Yours Truly almost chose not to enter the contest.[...]

As Beautiful As The Work She Does!
Posted by Surabhi Surendra Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.

This five letter embodies strength, character, morality, kindness and new life. While every woman is beautiful in her own sweet way, there are few women who make their life more beautiful and inspiring through their work. Indian women particularly are stronger, hard working and have a clear sense of judgment.[...]

My Mia Woman - Ganga Mashi
Posted by Swarnali Das Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
The word Mia in Italian means "My" and in Danish means "beloved". In my words it would mean an extension of me, my identity, of who I am.

What does Mia Woman mean to you?[...]

The Mia Woman Of My Life
Posted by Sreedev Soman Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
It had always been there underneath my mind, to pe down about the most influential woman of my life. At the outset I'd like to thank Tanishq for giving the opportunity to share on thoughts on my Mia woman.[...]

Following My Heart- As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Tamanna Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
The so-called best days of my life, those that most girls spend discussing makeup, boys, and life over endless cups of coffee, were spent slogging behind books. UPSC is not called the mother of all exams for nothing. It is not simply a trial of your academic skills but of your perseverance, dedication, of your very nerves. Not only does one attempt at the examination itself take a whole year, there is also considerable preparation beforehand that goes into it.[...]

As Beautiful AS Your Work
Posted by Megha Jain Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
The name Mia is of Italian and Latin origin.
The meaning of Mia is "mine".
It is also of Danish origin, where its meaning is "beloved".

Mia is a true reflection of femininity. For me Mia very well describes the women inside you. A woman, who is bold enough to face all challenges.[...]

Mama Mia!!
Posted by Deeksha Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
I haven't written here for 3 years but I keep planning my posts in my head, in fact I’m quite a popular blogger if you trust my imagination. I think Tanishq's Mia contest is the best way to rekindle my blog especially since I'm going to write about my Mama Mia! I've seen the Mia advertisement so many times, I like both Megha & her Boss. Megha is smart, hardworking & believes in herself and her boss is a bit old school but still very open to changes, just like my Mum.[...]

Mia By Tanishq Blogger Contest - My Contest Entry
Posted by Prachi Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
The Woman who is MIA happens to be my friend, my teacher, my soulmate, my guide, my partner-in-crime and everything. Words always fall short when it comes to describing her but she never fails to inspire me. She is no one other then my Mother. Born and brought up in Calcutta, she chose to quit her work and instead INVEST herself in bringing up her children to make sure they become not only well-educated but good human beings.[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Apeksha Mahesh Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
No matter what the weather or mood this woman always keeps on top of her looks and her dressing style.. She has created her very own signature way of dressing which makes her unique.. She can be none other than my ever beautiful mother..amma..maa.. Sujaya Mahesh.[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work - Kajal Agrawal
Posted by Priyanka Kochar Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Being in a profession of beauty, films and fashion entails me to meet the best dressed and the most good looking people day in and day out.
But its a rarity that you truly find an amalgamation of inner and outer beauty. Having worked with such a person for more than a year as fashion stylist gives me the opportunity to take a close look at her life in general.
Actress kajal agrawal truly justifies the same.[...]

Saluting The Will To Stay Upbeat
Posted by Deepa Duraisamy Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
A cacophony of sound waft out the kitchen to the living room. Sounds of vessels being scrubbed, water being poured onto pots on the window sills, a joke that she shares with anyone around who is there to listen, a song from the latest blockbuster she hums enthusiastically.[...]

Beautiful Inside Out
Posted by Aanandika Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Shagufta Ahmed Jawed. and I got to know each other at the YWCA in New Delhi where both of us were learning the ropes of the world after being ushered out of our respective universities. A few years my senior Shagufta worked hard at increasing and improving her educational qualifications besides holding a full time job. I did not know it then but starting her own business was her dream and all her efforts were aimed in that direction[...]

As Beautiful As Her Work
Posted by Rajashree Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
She is Shikha. She is flame. She is powerful. She is my mom and she is as beautiful as her work always, in all ways. Cancer has not taken away her indomitable spirit. She underwent brain tumor operation and the biopsy report confirmed it as lymphoma. She has been living with it three years now. She needs support to walk, had 22 radio and 6 chemotherapy sessions. A nurse and several medicines have become her regular companion now[...]

Shanoo Sharma: The Ultimate Mia Woman
Posted by Taarini Balsara Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
Almost all the women around me have a Mia hidden in them... it's all about how they express themselves through their work and how it's not just worship but an integral part of their being and more importantly their personality![...]

Beautiful Is What Beautiful Does
Posted by Ekta Khetan Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"""Is this you, Gran""? I was definitely shocked to see a black and white picture of a fine young lady, wearing a modern dress and a big shades on her faces looking towards exactly where the sun was coming from.

I turned my face up to look at my grandmother who was amused at her granddaughter’s reaction to her picture from youth. “Yes, that is me in my college day” Said she. “Gosh, you looked so beautiful then” I murmured while slowing shifting my gaze from the snap to her face. "[...]

She's Beautiful
Posted by Soumya Prasad Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"She has never heard of a holiday, nor will she. As I struggle to strike a balance between my professional and personal life, she comes as the most important inspiration ever. She knows every nook and corner of my house, what item is placed where and when was the last I used it. She doesn't complain about the chores put in front of her. No matter what has to be done, I know that she is only a phone call away.

As Beautiful As Their Work
Posted by Mamata Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"As Strong As Mamata Banerjee

ಏರು ಧ್ವನಿ, ದಿಟ್ಟ ನುಡಿ. ಲಾಲೂ ಕಿರಿಕ್‌ಗೂ ಅಷ್ಟೇ ಚೂಪು ಮಾತಿನಿಂದ ಉತ್ತರ ಕೊಡೋ ಚಾಕಚಕ್ಯತೆ. ಮಾತಿನ ಮಧ್ಯೆ ಮಧ್ಯೆ ಎಲ್ಲೋ ನೆನೆಪಾದ ಪುಟ್ಟ ಕವಿತೆ. ಜೊತೆ ಜೊತೆಗೆ ಠಾಗೋರರ ಸುಂದರ ಕೋಟ್ ಗಳು. ಇದು ನೇರ ನುಡಿ, ನೇರ ನ[...]

Posted by Roopa Prabhakar Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"My fascination with Nandita Das started with the movie ""Fire"" when a couple of my college friends dragged me along to watch it. All of us were squirming in our seats because the content of the movie was more explicit than what we had imagined. Back then, we were just a bunch of giggling teenagers who, bored with the usual lovey-dovey Hindi films, had decided to watch something different. After the movie, I remember thinking that this young actress could definitely act so why couldn’t she p[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work - My Contest Entry For Mia By Tanishq Bloggers Contest
Posted by Apoorva Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"Hey people
ever wondered that the girl out there whom you see at work every day is beautiful?
Well, I always thought of it. But never tried expressing that. So, here I come with my entry for a bloggers contest. It is more like expressing my admiration and gratitude towards this lady rather a mere contest.
I respect this woman (only next to my mom :D)
This woman is Sunitha. I happened to know her through my sister. She is her friend's mother. I had a chance to meet her on a birthday party."[...]

Blogger Contest – Mia By Tanishq Entry
Posted by Anamika Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
A beauty blogger (& a baby and lifestyle blogger too!) by profession, a mother and a wife in family, a free bird by heart and a complete work devout. She wakes up before both of us, to start a fresh blog-post for the day. She completes her duties and adores her little daughter, showering her with affection. But she seldom gets time to have a proper meal by herself, preferring to click some more photographs for her new makeup look. When was the last time I saw her sitting idle purely f[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Swati Naik Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent. – Dalai lama

A woman is certainly the most beautiful creation by God. A women plays various roles of a daughter, a sister, a wife, daughter in law, mother balancing the personal and professional front with such an ease. Many facets different responsibilities. A women is often symbolised as Ghar ki Laxmi or Shakti tapping in the divine energy which lie[...]

As Beautiful As Her Work
Posted by Arundhati Venkatesh Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"When I heard about the Tanishq ‘As Beautiful As Her Work’ contest, I knew I had to write about Simran Dhaliwal.
From a busy professional, to a mom caring for her little one, Simran has done it all.

Regardless of her role, she lives in the moment and loves what she does. And it shows in the gleam in her eyes, her radiant smile, in her home, in everything she does! Charming and cheerful, she brings a smile to everyone’s face. Her interests and projects are varied – home decor, craft, foo[...]

I Am A Mia Woman—are You As Beautiful As Your Work?
Posted by Rohini Kapur Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"This blog post is a contest entry for the Mia by Tanishq Blogger Contest. You can check out the Mia TV ad on YouTube, and the gorgeous Mia by Tanishq jewellery collection here.

I am a multi-tasker by choice. I’m part of a marketing team by day, and full-time fashion blogger at night. For both jobs, I am constantly looking out for new ideas, exploring new avenues, dreaming of new content…."[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work – Mia By Tanishq Contest
Posted by Swati Ailawadi Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"It was about time that women with a formidable combination of great professional and sartorial skills got their place in the spotlight. Mia by Tanishq recognizes such women, salutes them and let’s them be As Beautiful As Their Work, with their New Jewellery collection. You have to see this to know what I mean.

So, Tanishq has taken an initiative to bring forth the stories of real ‘Mia Women’ out there, through a blogger’s contest – I am so impressed that just could not stay away. So[...]

Posted by Rinzu Rajan Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
On a typical day, you will see her cleaning our work stations or making a note in the labortory log book. Ramabhai started her tryst with the microbiology department in Kochi University seven years ago where in I had stayed back last summer for an internship.[...]

Blogger Contest: Mia By Tanishq
Posted by Shrilata Madeneni Date on 2013-08-16 in Mia.
"A dream of doing what you love, passion and commitment to achieve your dreams. Loving and caring in the process? This is my Yoga teacher Prathiba Agarwal. She always wanted to spread the benefits of Yoga when she learnt about this age old practice which originated in India.

She setup Anahata Yoga Centre in Secunderabad couple of years ago. She is recognized as one of India’s few registered yoga teachers by yoga alliance U.S.A. Having been trained under masters from U.S and India with a long[...]

Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Posted by Kavya Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
"“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
― Coco Chanel
This quote has always resonated with me as i believe that today's beauty is not just about putting on an attire but its the unspoken elegance that lies underneath. Its the inner light that glows when you love yourself and your work to dress up everyday to be confident and self-assured. Today's women have carved their niche in every field and that's how their work has become an instrum[...]

Mia By Tanishq-As Beautiful As Your Work.
Posted by Shalini Digvijay Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the

belief she is beautiful.

- Sophia Loren

I am beautiful.
There I said it.
I expect you to say that every time you visit my blog.Nobody ever said it to me as a comment on my blog,but I have been told that I am beautiful by the people who matter.
The people who make me feel special,make me feel beautiful.I may not have the most perfect of features,I may not have the most awesome peaking cheekbones,or a flawless complexion,or have a perfect dentur[...]

My Most Beautiful Woman
Posted by Ankita Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
i look fat. i have a crooked nose. my thighs are so big. my lips are huge. this post will not be enough when it comes to counting peripheral imperfections. but then the question is: who is perfect? and the answer: none of us. no matter how pretty the world thinks we are, we will still find an imperfection in ourselves.[...]

Bloggers Contest By Tanishq - As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by PALLLAVI TIWARI Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
Work is worship" is a phrase i have heard since childhood but i actually understand the meaning much later in life,when i came to know my "aunt" better.Aunt a small word but a word which inspires me and the younger generations in the family and has brought a lot of pride to all the others.[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work - Anaita Shroff Adajania
Posted by Scherezade Shroff Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
If theres one working woman I admire its my sister - Anaita Shroff Adajania. I have grown up watching and idolising her. Today fashion is an integral part of my life and I think it all boils down to my childhood where I watched her work towards her dream and make a name for herself in this industry where there were no stylists. She's always so sure about things that you can blindly wear what she suggests, whenever I am in a fashion quandary she comes to my rescue.[...]

As Beautiful As Her Work-Nitu's Fight
Posted by Nandini Deka Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
"It's only a matter of a few hours and it'll be all over, Nitu" her mother tried to calm her. Nitu was recently engaged to Gautam and all set to marry when her choldhood abdominal pain started all over again.[...]

As Beautiful As Her Work
Posted by Magali Vaz Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
Tanishq, one of my mom's favorite jewellery brands has started a new line, Mia by Tanishq. It's geared towards the working woman with a lovely tagline 'As Beautiful As Your Work'. Their commercial explains the concept perfectly-[...]

Posted by Nilu Yuleena Thapa Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
The title of my post may sound rather striking and it may come across as being vain to some people, but as many people have famously made quotes about loving yourself, this theory in life is something that pushes me forward. No one would be able to love you, push you and pull you in every step of life than the person whose reflection you see everyday when you look into the mirror. Yes, I'm talking about us loving ourselves. No one can be more instrumental in our success and failure, the choices [...]

Glows Like Gold : Chanda Kochhar Of ICICI Bank
Posted by Kirti Sikri Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
To do or not to do? With so many options, and so many people judging you for every choice you make, what do you choose?Today’s women are asking. Times have changed from earlier black & white life of men work, women take care of house to the technicolor life of today but all that glitters is not gold. Can woman straddle a 10-hour job, bring up the kids and also don the topi of wife? The woman who has shone like Gold proving her mettle is Chanda Kochhar, CEO of India’s ICICI Bank. She along [...]

Give Your 100 Percent To Whatever You Do
Posted by Swati Nitin Gupta Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
"Give your 100 percent to whatever you do!

My mother now in her late fifties is a lady who has always lived her life on her terms. An Army bride coming from a business family in a small town of Punjab, barring the initial hiccups she learned the rules of Army pretty quickly and became a successful Army Wife. Yes successful Army wife. As an Army wife there are many roles a woman has to don – she has to be a perfect hostess to the parties, she has to be an active member of social causes that Ar[...]

I Am Me!
Posted by Kriti Bhatnagar Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
When it comes to my work, I prefer diligence to perfection as I believe everyone has got a personalized definition of ‘perfection’. Being an engineer by mind and an artist by heart, I often get to enjoy juggling my tech skills with art! And though I’m more of a self motivated person, there are times when things start getting out of that diligent track and time starts slipping off my hand faster than ever. During such low points I prefer to stand in front of the mirror as the rhythmic lyric[...]

Contest Entry: As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Samyukta Date on 2013-08-15 in Mia.
"Something was not right... The moment our eyes met, I knew she had been crying... I felt guilty for doing this to her... Partly atleast... I asked her if she was really so unhappy and she just looked at me expressionless... Her eyes were blank and her lips quivering... I knew she was going to cry again... She then rushed to her room, leaving me feeling cold... I wished I could make her understand...

A week passed and she seemed better. The crying had stopped but her smile was still missing... [...]

As Beautiful As Diana
Posted by Mamata Patil Date on 2013-08-14 in Mia.
She was Diana, Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana, The People’s Princess. Yes, her charm was like that. Only at the age of 20, she was the princess of England and the most powerful, deserving female of England. Oh God, what shall I tell about her style, dressing, jewelry and her charm? No words to describe her beauty.[...]

As Beautiful As Her Work
Posted by Kimi Shrivastava Date on 2013-08-14 in Mia.
"There is a quote that I read long time back somewhere -

""There are no ugly women; there are only women who do not know how to look pretty.""

I've always felt how true the statement is! Throughout my growing years, I've traveled a lot and seen women from all the cultures, places, races and ethnicity, and meeting these women only made me feel proud of being a girl. I admired them for all they were, especially my teachers on how they taught us, spoke to us, their handwriting, their amazing way[...]

"As Beautiful As Your Work!" Contest
Posted by Deepti Menon Date on 2013-08-14 in Mia.
Beauty, it is said, lies in the eyes of the beholder! As I behold my mother, Nalini Chandran, the beauty of the universe comes together, even as she lives life, queen-size, even at the age of 76. Do I feel this way because I fell in love with her, the day I opened my eyes for the first time, only to see her smiling down at me in wonder? Life was more vibrant when she was around, getting me ready for school, taking a history lesson where I was part of a rapt class, or moulding my nature to mirror[...]

Ratnaboli Ray - As Beautiful As Her Work
Posted by Dolon Dutta Chowdhury Date on 2013-08-14 in Mia.
It was on a very dull, dreary and wet August day in Kolkata, I first met Ratnadi, one of the most exuberant, dynamic and stylish woman I've had the privilege of getting to know. I had gone to her office to give an interview for the position of Program Lead for a youth related project that her organization, Anjali, was about to start. My first reaction on seeing the short lady with the fashionable cropped hair was ‘Wow, she looks hep!’. It’s not every day that you meet a 48 yr old Bengali l[...]

Posted by Namitha Kashyap Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"""Hello? Sweetie you okay?"", she panicked over phone.

""No I am not Suha!"", I bawled on the other side.

""OMG what happened Nam? Its 1 AM! Weren't you supposed to fall asleep half hour ago after saying good night to me? Poor baby! You fell into loops of thoughts again didn't you?""

I was positive that she was glaring at me through the cell phone.

""I..I don't know. I feel so bad. My chest hurts"", I wept.

""Listen, it's okay. It's human and it's okay. Cry it away now and remember wha[...]

Mia By Tanishq - As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Anuradha Shankar Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"It was about a month back that I first got a mail, inviting me to participate in the Mia by Tanishq contest. The mail mentioned the TV ad running then, and I realised how disconnected I was, with happenings on the TV front! I am usually reluctant to participate in contests (as most of you know well by now) and my first instinct was to refuse. Besides, it was barely a week since my father-in-law had passed on, and I had the perfect excuse too. But, I must admit, I was curious. Both, about the ad[...]

Mia By Tanishq Blogger Contest - My Contest Entry
Posted by Prachi Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
The Woman who is MIA happens to be my friend, my teacher, my soulmate, my guide, my partner-in-crime and everything. Words always fall short when it comes to describing her but she never fails to inspire me. She is no one other then my Mother. Born and brought up in Calcutta, she chose to quit her work and instead INVEST herself in bringing up her children to make sure they become not only well-educated but good human beings. My Mother, the Perfectionist that she is, she loves to keep her house[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Neha Karagwal Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
Hello beautiful!!
As you all know I have recently joined my first job. I have entered my third week of this new life. Everything is so different. I am loving most of the changes but still there are a few things that leave me paranoid. There are so many emotions involved in this entire process: excitement, fear, happiness, longing for old friends, joy of making new friends[...]

Indrani Ghose
Posted by Indrani Ghose Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
The civilized society today gives a lot of importance to "looking beautiful". While I think it is good to look beautiful, how one has achieved that beauty and its relevance to his/her profile is equally important. Women are admired not just for their physical appearance but also her inner qualities.

By inner qualities I mean her kindness, compassion, right judgment, being unselfish and more.[...]

Mom- As Beautiful As Her Work!
Posted by Ritu Rajput Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"Hey everyone!

Today I’m talking about a very personal aspect of my life, which I mostly avoid on the Blog. I’m going to talk about my Mom today, for making me who I am, and for being by me through the thick and thin of life!"[...]

It's A Beautiful Day But Not As Beautiful As Me
Posted by Ankita Sinha Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
I feel a great sense of pride on the beautifully crafted colorful timeline with my travel pictures on my Facebook wall. While the comments pour in on my success of my recent article in a publication and my self-created travel videos, I look back at the stumbles I have overgrown over the years. My biggest support isn't just one women but many I met during my journey called life. My mom has been my most influential support no doubt, but along with has been my cousins, my friends, people that I hav[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work - Mia & My Sister
Posted by Shilpa Gandotra Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"I have only mentioned my sister in a couple of my posts but this one post is all about her. It’s about the girl who knew what she wanted in life and has lived her dreams making every day in her life worthwhile!

I'm still not going to mention her name because she will surely kill me for doing that but sis, if you are reading this, you should know that this is a 'hats off to you!' from me."[...]

My Work: My Art
Posted by Pankti Mehta Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
“Achla, you do remember today is the D-day, don’t you?” Kalini asked her excitedly, practically bouncing up and down.

“Yeah, I do.” How could Achla forget this day when she had been waiting for it since last one month? And she hadn’t just “waited” for this day; she had practically started living for this day since last couple of weeks.

“So do you know at what time the results are going to be declared?” Kalini asked her."[...]

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever
Posted by Rachna Parmar Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
Especially when beauty emanates from a pure soul- that of a mother! She is the nuturer to teaches you to give and love selflessly. When I look back at the memories of my mother, I can't help but feel deep love, gratitude and respect for her.[...]

Dignity Under Pressure - The Mia Woman
Posted by Roshan Radhakrishnan Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"Carrying yourself with dignity in today's world is never an easy task, more so when every move you make is being observed by a media out to sell a few extra pages by belittling you.

When she finished her degree and started pursuing a career in movies, she got off to possibly the worst start a mainstream actress has had in recent history. Considered a 'jinx' when her debut film opposite a superstar was shelved for unrelated production issues, the superstitious belief spread like wildfire and s[...]

I Am Beautiful
Posted by Saru Singhal Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
Dusky complexion. Messy hair. Short-rounded frame. Am I beautiful?

Like many of you even I ask this question to myself many a times. And to be very honest with you, I think I am. In fact, during my growing up years I thought, I was very beautiful. Quite an overstatement and you will ask me why such over-indulgence? There were many girls in my class who were much more beautiful than me and some went on to become models. Then why I thought so?

Manjari- A Work Of Art
Posted by Praseena Deepak Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
Manjari- Resting my finger over the dried up and beautifully painted signature, the M drawn so exquisitely once belonged to me. A string of emotions run through my veins, the longing makes me tired and raw enough to need to sit. Deep pangs of lost youth rage upon me with regret now.[...]

I Am As Beautiful As My Work
Posted by Paromita Bardoloi Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"I strongly believe that my work is an expression of myself. It is is my personal legacy. It might be acknowledged or not, however I believe in leaving my signature. I am a writer by profession. I write, I create, I teach, I lead and I learn.

Being a writer gives me immense opportunity to live in different worlds. However it depends solely on the writer how that world is presented. I write on travel, on relationships, technology and everything and anything under the sun. I understand that as a [...]

I Am As Beautiful As My Work
Posted by Paromita Bardoloi Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"I strongly believe that my work is an expression of myself. It is is my personal legacy. It might be acknowledged or not, however I believe in leaving my signature. I am a writer by profession. I write, I create, I teach, I lead and I learn.

Being a writer gives me immense opportunity to live in different worlds. However it depends solely on the writer how that world is presented. I write on travel, on relationships, technology and everything and anything under the sun. I understand that as a [...]

As Beautiful As Her Work – Aviva Bidapa
Posted by Pranita Mehta Date on 2013-08-13 in Mia.
"“At 17, she was a professional horse rider; at 18, Vogue featured her for then-trending fashion swap. At 22 today, she is a model who has already played a cameo in a movie and handles her dad’s event management business. Let’s talk something more about this wonder woman.”

Meet Aviva Bidapa, a model turned actress, a business woman and also a member of the youth congress. Daughter of India’s fashion guru Prasad Bidapa, Aviva, a young mind is always up for trying out different things i[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work!
Posted by Rekha Sriramagiri Date on 2013-08-12 in Mia.
When I first started my career as an IT professional 8 years back, I never thought that my journey would continue this long. In this 8 plus years, I had been through hard times … I had seen n number of strict, ‘yelling at your face’ kind of bosses… I’ve crossed continents and countries and worked on different geographic locations, separated from home… lived alone… missed my home and loved ones! Lost my love (yes you read it right)… you may ask! “Why are you still working then?[...]

Restarting Life At Fourteen.
Posted by Roshan Radhakrishnan Date on 2013-08-12 in Mia.
Born to a single teenage woman who worked as a housemaid. So poor she had to wear clothes made of potato sacks as a child. Raped at age nine by her relatives. A runaway at age thirteen. Pregnant by age fourteen, losing her child in infancy.

Rather than give up, this girl decided to restart her life. She joined back in school, choosing education over all else. She became a Honors student and eventually moved on from her part-time job as a grocery girl to doing what she enjoyed most: talking. Sh[...]

Irom Chanu Sharmila - A Beautiful & Iron-willed Female!
Posted by Nabanita Date on 2013-08-12 in Mia.
There seems to be an invisible wall between the Northeast and the rest of India. Yes, as much as we deny it, the barrier certainly exists. That is the only rational explanation for the ignorance of the rest of India about the seven sisters.

When it comes to women too the impression is alarmingly appalling. The typical idea seems to be that women from that part of India are nothing but bimbettes since they believe in dressing well. Narrow minded you say? I vehemently agree! Speaking from persona[...]

The Mantle Of Confidence
Posted by Priya Narayanan Date on 2013-08-12 in Mia.
One fine day came a mail addressed to me by name, and it was from a classmate of mine from b-school. I was thrilled – oh, so A has shifted to a new role with the Tatas, I thought. It was an invitation to participate in a blogger contest by Tanishq for their newly launched brand Mia for workwear jewellery. (Find out more at the Mia website.) I realized very soon that this A was not my classmate, but that didn’t reduce the enthusiasm any bit, because by then I had watched the Mia TVC as well.[...]

MIA – Yes, She Is MINE
Posted by Natasha Date on 2013-08-12 in Mia.
Today I have seen her looking into the mirror in a day, for the 5th time. “What is she up to?” ,I asked my father ,as I have never seen her looking at herself for this long.
Yesterday also, I had seen her practicing something in front of the mirror but, was in a rush so didn’t asked her what she is doing.
My father replied, she is getting herself ready for the Mahaveer Jayanti day speech. As it’s her first appearance as a speaker in such a big crowd, I could feel that my mother is little[...]

Posted by Bhakti Sharma Date on 2013-08-12 in Mia.
It is often the case that the common and simple things in the world are overlooked when speaking of greatness. Yet it is through such simple sources that true glories are born. Take the instance of a certain housewife named Mrs. Shanthi Anand living in Chennai. While her early married life brought many a happy moment Life, as we all know it, threw a fresh set of challenges her way.[...]

A Doctor Who Knows Children
Posted by Farida Rizwan Date on 2013-08-11 in Mia.
People often say I am a very over confident person who moves ahead to do things with which I am barely familiar or have little knowledge. I may have done things to prove them right. The only time I felt nervous and not so confident was when I was going to be a mother. I was not sure whether I would be able to do justice to the responsibility of bringing up a child the right way.[...]

Posted by Iswarya Laxmi Date on 2013-08-11 in Mia.
"Recently When I was checking my blog emails something caught my attention which made me very happy.

Yes….It was an invite from the Tanishq team to join their blogger contest – ""As Beautiful As Your Work"" contest for Mia by Tanishq.
- See more at: http://www.i-am-girly.com/2013/08/a-true-heroine-in-life-as-beautiful-as.html#sthash.xDNycpGv.dpuf"[...]

♥ I Am Mia .. ♥
Posted by Sangeetha Nimmagadda Date on 2013-08-11 in Mia.
Am a Nailpolish and Lipstick addict, a crazy shopaholic Wife and Mum blogging about shopping, makeup, beauty, fashion and everything beautiful!! That's in short about me and this is my story ~[...]

Beautiful As Her Work ~ She Is A MIA Women
Posted by Jasmine Bhatia Date on 2013-08-11 in Mia.
A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from Tanishq Mia to write about a women who is as beautiful as her work, I had already seen their new advert on the television a few times before getting this email and every time I saw the ad it reminded me of a lovely person…who is an inspiration to thousands of people worldwide. So, when I saw the invitation I knew, I had to write about Shalini Gupta Chopra.[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Harman Nagra Date on 2013-08-11 in Mia.
"Hey everyone,

I am participating in the Tanishq bloggers contest where you have to write about a woman who is as beautiful as her work. You can see the latest MIA ad by Tanishq here. More on the range at http://mia.tanishq.co.in/

When I come to think about it there is only one person that sticks out most prominently in my mind and that would be my mother who has always been an inspiration and a guide in my life."[...]

The ‘Mia’ Woman
Posted by Garima Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
"She could’ve been a doctor, writer or a clerk,
But she chose to be as beautiful as her work.

She chose to be a housewife with daily household chores,
But she was a happy person even behind those doors.

From the little garnish on our favourite dish to fresh flowers in the vase,
Making Dad the best Employee every month and us, the best kids in class."[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Ritwika Gupta Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
Some are good with numbers – they are arithmetic wizards. Some are great with shapes and forms – they make remarkable illustrators. Me? I am good with people. I love to act, write and study people. Born in Kolkata and raised in Singapore, I am currently in Mumbai trying to find my feet in the whirlpool of media as an actor. I take part in theatre and often love to engage someone in a conversation about their self to find out who they actually are. I get to be a part of another person’s wor[...]

Mia Woman Of My Life
Posted by Tapobrata Kumar Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
Her Whatsapp status says “Why try to fit in, when you are born to stand out”. True to her words, this young lady stands out for her passion, dedication and commitment towards her work. I know her from MBA classroom days and her zeal to excel hasn’t change. She was the first one to get the job placement in our campus and eight years down the line, she is National Sales Head for Strategic Accounts in her company. And still I see that child like enthusiasm in her eyes when she acquires a new [...]

Tanishq Mia Women
Posted by Bhakti Khade Rangoonwala Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
"I was doing my usual evening routine writing, checking my mails, preparing some evening snacks, while cleaning the whole morning mess, the TV was going on in the background.
When suddenly a new add caught my attention. I glued in to watch it completely- A young hard working efficient women smartly dressed wearing pretty dangler earrings getting ready for her presentation. Her female boss (older than her) enters the scene, watches her get ready and subtly tells her to lose her earrings so as t[...]

Look In The Mirror
Posted by Kanupriya Kulshreshtha Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
"I don't remember the first time I saw her in college. I just remember that one day, cant point a finger what date it was...but I do remember she came to the department that day, in a lime green cotton sari, a plain lime green cotton sari with a border. Never seen anybody look that way in a plain cotton sari. She was a vision grace. Sr. Prof. Bani Jha. She is beautiful, her work is undoubtedly like herself.

You Are Living Proof Of Your Passion
Posted by Sneha Divakar Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
For as long as I can remember I have loved art. In particular, painting is one form of art I learned to express myself with and it has given me great solace in testing times. What started as a hobby and summer time activity developed well into my personality through my growing years. Although I have been educated as an engineer, I never undervalued painting or ever gave it up. My priorities changed with time and like everyone else, I was concentrating on that better paying job or the better k[...]

Mia By Tanishq- 'As Beautiful As Your Work"
Posted by Niesha Jeenwal Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
You may have seen the Mia advertisement where there is a woman and for her work is a way of self expression and she is “as Beautiful as her work”

For me there is one such person who is just as beautiful as her work, is one of my friend’s elder sister. She is a woman of substance who knows exactly wants she wants and how to get it by putting all her efforts. She has been a great friend and support for me and several others who comes across her way.
Beauty is said to divert attention a[...]

Being Beautiful At Work!!!
Posted by N Bhushavali Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
Many of my readers have asked me a common question. How come I wear the Semi-Formal and Formal looks that I show in this blog to office? Well my sense of style has always been quirky, colorful and India inspired! Throughout my college days I've dressed like that... Till date, some of my seniors who I chance upon, ask me if I still continue to dress like that! And yeah I do.... - See more at: http://fashion.bhushavali.com/2013/08/being-beautiful-at-work.html#sthash.c0djatp1.dpuf[...]

Beauty With Brains Is Mia (Me)!
Posted by Manjulika Pramod Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
"A woman is a gift of God to this universe, an epitome of love and self-less work. I am not a feminist and I am aren’t here to make comparisons. The fact is that circle of life wouldn’t be possible without both Adam and Eve. But then don’t ask us (females) to prove ourselves at every step, the truth is that we are nowhere inferior to the men in any field.

A lady is not just about elegance, attraction, glamour but intelligence too. With all her grey cells absolutely intact, she reflects[...]

Reflection---As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Jasmeet Kukreja Date on 2013-08-10 in Mia.
Beautiful is who, who believe in loving thyself, live the way they want to and can create the beauteous ambiance around. We crave about the beauty in various beauty products, we often search remedial in newspaper, magazines, may surf Internet or hoardings but have you ever noticed, sometimes we look so graceful when you are happy within, when you smile for no reasons and when you shower back your happiness wherever you go. The “Beauty”, I am referring is much more eternal & pure- I am referr[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Pallavi Date on 2013-08-09 in Mia.
"When I thought about whom I could write for the topic, “women who make their work beautiful”,I could think of nobody else other than my maternal aunt.

My mother’s eldest sister – Priyamvada Karande – is a published award-winning author. She has written many books till date, in addition to writing articles for several newspapers and magazines in Marathi. She has won the Maharashtra State Award for her book of children’s short stories. "[...]

Meri Mummy :)
Posted by Salomi Gupta Date on 2013-08-09 in Mia.
"She is a housewife
she is not associated with any NGO
and yet helping others is her motto
Hitler in my life she is
doing everything perfect tops her to do list
deep inside I know, for me how much she has sacrificed
It's our secret I never say this to her .... sshhh
That she is my life."[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work, Mia
Posted by Kalpanaa Date on 2013-08-09 in Mia.
Organic farming on an 8 acre farm at Mangar is the lovely Ila Lumba’s passion. Mangar is a forgotten valley, so off the beaten track despite being on the Faridabad-Gurgaon Highway it contains vegetation that isn’t found in other parts of Delhi anymore as Pradip Krishen wrote in his book Trees of Delhi.  What a fabulous place Laksh Farms is for preserving the old ways of farming. Looking at Ila you wouldn’t think she’s running the farm, the ecoresort, a tutoring support to local child[...]

As Beautiful As Malala!
Posted by Nabanita Dhar Date on 2013-08-09 in Mia.
On the 12th of July, I heard her speak and I was overwhelmed by her passion. That day when she spoke, I realized how genuine she was about the cause she believed in. Even being pushed towards the threshold of death failed to dissuade her as she declared weakness, fear and hopelessness in her died while strength, power and courage were born when she was attacked as she fought for a cause she believed in![...]

As Beautiful As My Work....Mia By Tanishq
Posted by Aparajita Chattopadhyay Date on 2013-08-09 in Mia.
Yesterday while catching up on my daily dose of television I saw the commercial of the work friendly Mia collection from Tanishq. Apart from the earrings in that commercial...which by the way are soo pretty...I couldn't help but notice how familiar the situation of Megha...the girl in TVC seemed to what I faced when I joined the consulting industry an year back. [...]

Clad In Satisfaction
Posted by Vaisakhi Mishra Date on 2013-08-08 in Mia.
I walked into her office to join her for lunch, just to find her busy with some clients. All engrossed in explaining the structure of the derivative market, my mom didn’t even seem to notice me there but I noticed only her. The clients faces were a blur, all focused I knew but blur to my eyes. And there was my mom scribbling something on the board, pointing to the slide on the laptop explaining terms that made no sense to me, but happy.[...]

Mama Mia!
Posted by Tanushri Guchhait Date on 2013-08-08 in Mia.
Woman is certainly the most beautiful creation of God. Without her the world would not have been so charming or rather there would have been no world without her. She is like the solitaire of a golden ring whose presence enhances the beauty of the ornament and without which the ornament is not worth a wear. Whether it is the four walls of her home or the cubicle of a corporate giant, she plays many roles in one single character of woman.[...]

The Mia Woman-”As Beautiful As Her Work”
Posted by Shilpi Dutt Date on 2013-08-08 in Mia.
A gentleman in late fifties came complaining to the cash counter about the problem he faced while getting a foot massage last time. The pretty lady manning the counter tolerantly heard him but did not utter a word in defense. Instead she flashed a smile, empathized with the haggling customer, offered him free consultation for foot care and sent him inside for another foot massage session. The next minute, a young lady barged into the salon asking for discount on the prices for haircut. Salon Man[...]

I Am The "Mia" Woman
Posted by Afshan Date on 2013-08-08 in Mia.
I make my work beautiful by the simple principle which is quoted by Frank Clark and followed by me - "The next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humour in it."  Once a colleague told me that I inspire him as I laugh at my own problems at work. I try to ease the toughest situation by finding humour in it. Humour is the best therapy.  Not very long ago, we had an issue at office which had to be solved late in the night to send to the client. [...]

No Matter How Hard The Path Gets, I’ll Walk Along…I’ M A Woman!
Posted by Sonal Sharma Date on 2013-08-07 in Mia.
"James and I had a mild argument last night. Why?
Well, he thinks it was the pencil skirt, pretty chandelier earrings and heels that got the girl sitting next to him the job he was up for interviewing too. Really? I don’t think it was the pencil skirt or the heels or the earrings but her portfolio that managed to impress the recruiters."[...]

WOMAN- Getting Stronger Every Day, Trying To Win The World!
Posted by Shailza Singla Date on 2013-08-07 in Mia.
Women are said to be the most beautiful creatures made by God, and being the one, I have always admired the fact. Those childhood plays, cuddling with mom’s make-up box and applying each and everything that comes your way (in a hope to look as beautiful as mum) used to be the favourite past-time.[...]

An Epitome Of Perseverance – Real Woman Never Gives Up!
Posted by Arnav Dutta Date on 2013-08-07 in Mia.
Remember the good old saying “work is worship”? Well looking at the modern women today, it’s not that hard to find one who actually holds this value high in her spirit. Women have proved themselves to be the pioneer in every field of work, challenging men the best way they can! And being a guy, I’m not shy to admit modern women are giving us a run for our money.[...]

Mia By Tanishq ~ As Beautiful As My Work
Posted by Sushmita Sarkar Date on 2013-08-07 in Mia.
As a working woman in the Infrastructure sector, it’s been a tough but rewarding journey. I have had to rough it out (literally) travelling all over India, to remote locations and sometimes harsh terrains. But my love for travel made it an enjoyable journey and I found beauty wherever I visited. I find immense beauty in the work I do and also the way I dress at work (both at office & site). I believe the right way to behave & dress in a man’s world (especially professional world) is to celeb[...]

Posted by Deboshree Bhattacharjee Date on 2013-08-07 in Mia.
Life comes up with quirky afternoons. There are ones when you sit fidgeting over the presentation the next day, wishing time would either speed up or stop. And then there are ones when memory brings up discrete moments from the past, punctuated in neat little rows – times as fluid as a set of pearls.[...]

Leopard And Sequence
Posted by Ritika Khanna Date on 2013-08-06 in Mia.
"Hello peeps
Today's post is more like an inspirational post, about one of my fave bloggers because I think her style is just so awesome :)
She is a Brazilian with a great sense of fashion, she just pulls of anything and everything ..aahh how i love this girl . She definitely my inspiration, which just helps me keep going ! I don't wanna become like her or be better then her :) She just help me improve my style and helps me see things in a wider perspective (fashion wise ) lol . Sh[...]

Posted by Heena Dhedhi Date on 2013-08-06 in Mia.
As she walked up on stage I could hear the soft caresses of her georgette saree and the tic-tac of her little kitten heels. The overhead light caught the diamond on her ring as she greeted the audience with a Jai Jinendra. Amidst all the cheering and the clapping I heard a little girl say, "Mum, that’s my teacher." A man at the far end of the row proudly announced, "That’s my boss".[...]

Shimmering Passion In Display
Posted by Uma Maheswari Anandane Date on 2013-08-05 in Mia.
Women are beautiful creations themselves. When they start to make things out of love and passion, they dumbfound you with their incredible outcomes. All women work[...]

As Beautiful As Her Work
Posted by AnupriyaDG Date on 2013-08-05 in Mia.
There's this recent ad on the block by Tanishq which shows a woman's boss asking her to remove her diamond earrings before her presentation so as not to let anything[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work: My Inspiration!
Posted by Deepika Date on 2013-08-04 in Mia.
Kirthi Jayakumar needs no introduction. You must be knowing her by now. She writes for Divassence and her articles are least to say, witty, hilarious and informative[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Raka Majumdar Date on 2013-08-04 in Mia.
Much has been said women’s empowerment and equality. Feminists have been screaming themselves hoarse fighting for equal rights and to be honest I do conform to it[...]

She Was As Beautiful As Her Work!
Posted by Diwakar Narayan Date on 2013-08-03 in Mia.
Those days, l was a teacher. Preparations were on for the Annual Function at the school I attended[...]

Roshni - Fading The Darkness Away
Posted by Akshita Gupta Date on 2013-08-03 in Mia.
'Once upon a time'.... was the start of Roshni's favourite fairytale. She would listen to her mother soflty telling her the wonderful stories.[...]

The Beauty In My Life
Posted by Nischala Date on 2013-08-02 in Mia.
Plato said "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", I agree. But would like to add a few words to what he said "Beauty lies in the ways of the doer, and / or in the relationship you share with the doer"[...]

The Beautiful Me!
Posted by Rashmi Singh Date on 2013-08-02 in Mia.
I was always a jewellery person and had always loved jewels, perfumes and flowers but got married very early and all my expressions got buried in my memory box[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Alka Gurha Date on 2013-08-02 in Mia.
Beauty and grace are not an exclusive preserve of young working women. Right? Let me introduce you to an unlikely muse – an elderly homemaker[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work: Sahiba Gursahaney
Posted by Shweghna Gursahaney Date on 2013-08-01 in Mia.
According to my economics textbook, the maximum working hours is between 8-10 hours. But Sahiba Gursahaney spends at least 11 hours in her office[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Kalpanaaa Date on 2013-07-31 in Mia.
Delhi's latest vegan chef sensation Meenu Nageshwaran has made huge personal strides in her progress towards health. Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which had the doctor put her on insulin Meenu[...]

Mia Woman - My Loving Mom
Posted by Neha Date on 2013-07-31 in Mia.
The woman who has shaped my persona and personal/work ethics is my mother. She has never been a career but the diligence with which she manages the household chores[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Isha Nigam Date on 2013-07-31 in Mia.
Hey Gorgeous, So last week I found an email about a bloggers contest by Tanishq titled “As Beautiful As Your Work “ a post about a woman who can fit the title[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work
Posted by Richa Date on 2013-07-30 in Mia.
She was in her mid thirties when her husband left her alone in this world with her seven children. Four daughters and three sons[...]

As Beautiful As My Work, As Beautiful As Me - Mia
Posted by Divya N Date on 2013-07-30 in Mia.
All of you know me as a blogger, a jewelry designer and a few of you as a friend. But there is one important facet of me that hardly gets represented here - that of a teacher[...]

My Teacher!
Posted by Mina Menon Date on 2013-07-29 in Mia.
From the time I remember as a student, one of the biggest banes of life was my 'Handwriting'. It was the subject of many a ridicule and pulling-up by my teacher and fellow class-mates[...]

Beautiful To Work
Posted by Aaradhee Date on 2013-07-29 in Mia.
"Working late into the night is the unsaid part of being in the creative field" is a stereotypical statement to make considering it is not an everyday phenomenon[...]

Learning From Teaching
Posted by Rs Mom Date on 2013-07-29 in Mia.
She got an ATKT in her class 10 Mathematics exam and realized its not her cup of tea to take up Science. She took up Political Science in her BA because she didn't score high enough to get into English Literature[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work, My Favourite, My Inspiration!
Posted by Tanya Sachdev Date on 2013-07-29 in Mia.
There are many women who have inspired me and I have always wondered at their powerful capabilities. These women are super-women who can do almost anything with precision and near perfection[...]

As Beautiful As Her Work
Posted by My Era Date on 2013-07-28 in Mia.
My sister Deepa*, was always confused what she wanted to do in her life. The confusion started the day when she failed to answer her class IV teacher what she’d like to be once she grew up[...]

Mama's Mia Princess!
Posted by Nivedita Louis Date on 2013-07-27 in Mia.
"I am a princess"...she sings in her husky, tiny voice to the little Barbie perched on her lap. I watch my little girl, transfixed, as she keeps on crooning and changing hairstyles and hairclips[...]

My Dream Is To Fly
Posted by Farah Kadri Date on 2013-07-25 in Mia.
My Dream is to fly up high and no matter why I will get it all whatever i want even the journey makes me cry[...]

An Eye For Beauty !
Posted by Vasudha Date on 2013-07-25 in Mia.
My daughter is someone who likes all things beautiful.She wants lovely shoes,pretty dresses,shiny clips,cute knick knacks etal. She has her way many a times[...]

Mia - Your Wish,your Dreams
Posted by Farah Kadri Date on 2013-07-25 in Mia.
Sabah was only girl child of their Royal Family.She had cousin brothers who later took care of their family business.Since ,they were rich and royal[...]

Women Be "As Beautiful As Your Work"- Mia By Tanishq
Posted by Swapna Thomas Date on 2013-07-25 in Mia.
A not so long time ago, I was a part of the corporate world. I was enthralled by each new project, assignments, work trips and the perks that came along with it[...]

A Look Of Mia Women
Posted by Sarath Babu S Date on 2013-07-24 in Mia.
Mia – a Name which is Unique and stands for Femininity.When I heard this name from Tanishq, I could not think of anyone else except my Mom – who is a perfect blend of Style and Work[...]

My Entry For Tanishq Blogging Contest
Posted by Bidisha Banerjee Date on 2013-07-24 in Mia.
The MIA woman in my life is my Mother. My mother is the greatest gift of God to me. She is the main person behind all that I am today. She has not only taken care of me from my[...]

As Beautiful As Your Work- Mitali’s Flight
Posted by Nandini Deka Date on 2013-07-23 in Mia.
Mitali was a bright and intelligent girl since her school days. Highest scorer, she was the absolute favourite of her teachers. She had two younger sisters[...]

A Letter For Mamma
Posted by Ankita Shekhar Date on 2013-07-23 in Mia.
You are a wonderful mother, a dutiful and loving wife, and a great human being. You have accomplished so much in life – your daughters are independent women. Your husband loves you[...]

My Writing Speaks For Me
Posted by Abha Iyengar Date on 2013-07-22 in Mia.
When I first published a piece of fiction, and it was with an international publication, my father, who was alive then and whose critical appreciation[...]

Mia Your Work Is As Beautiful As You
Posted by Suruchi Bhargava Date on 2013-07-22 in Mia.
What a wonderful concept to appreciate the juggler called "woman"! one fact that we have to accept is that even with the modernization of opportunities available for the women[...]

A Woman As Wonderful As Her Work
Posted by Pooja Sharma Rao Date on 2013-07-22 in Mia.
A government official's speech on his book launch begins with his recollection of his humble childhood who aspired to be someone big[...]

Having It All
Posted by Nidhi Nagpal Date on 2013-07-19 in Mia.
Naina Lal Kidwai. I was in school when I read about her for the first time. Times of India had carried a story on her. That was 1992-93. Can't remember clearly[...]

Posted by Kalyan Panja Date on 2013-07-19 in Mia.
In a world where all is vanity, human values are likely to be swept away by a tidal wave, that brand of relativism, which flooded all spheres of modern society[...]

Play Your Part!
Posted by Mansi Zaveri Date on 2013-07-19 in Mia.
They say motherhood changes everything in my case it was no different. Little did I know that I would quit as the Head of Marketing of an international[...]