What is Tanishq’s My Expression Contest?

After the grand success last year, My Expression 2 is back to give shape to more inspirations and ideas in the form of Mia collection. Submit an idea for Mia – the new Working Women’s line and the Top 10 Finalists win INR 1,00,000 each. If we select your idea, you could help us create the next collection for Mia.

How can I participate / vote?

Visit the website http://mia.tanishq.co.in/myexpression/, login and submit your idea.

How do I submit my idea?

After logging in, users can either design their jewellery with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tool or enter text or upload a picture or upload/paste the youtube link of their idea explaining their concept in detail. Please take note that you are not required to use all modes of submission, just text, or just picture should be enough.

Why can't I see my idea displayed anywhere on the website?

In the first phase, your ideas are only visible to you, after you have signed in. This is also to protect your idea from plagiarism. Your ideas will be showcased for popular voting only in the second phase of the contest, from the first week of February to the third week of February, after a small round of shortlisting by Tanishq.

Can I put in any number of diamonds in my jewellery idea?

There is no limitation to the idea that you would want to submit. However, please keep in mind that the objective of this contest is to secure ideas for Mia, our Working Womens’ collection. Also, production feasibility is another concern. So fit with Brand Mia and feasibility of production are 2 of the 4 criteria for winning.

Based on what criteria does the Jury select the winners?

Entries will be judged against the following judging criteria:
A: Originality and innovativeness of Idea
B: Degree of Detail in Idea Submission
C: Fit with brand Mia – Working Women’s’ Jewellery
D: Ease of manufacturability

Whats the difference between the design and utility options given?

Design - Design essentially depicts any fresh new shape, texture, profile, contours and surface for a jewellery idea for a working woman.

Example: A ring or bracelet designed in the shape of a hexagon.

Utility - Utility means a functionality which reduces the time, energy, effort and money for the primary user of the Working Women’s jewellery.Your idea could combine both elements. In such a case, mark it under Utility.

Example: It can be a necklace which can be also used as a bracelet or a ring which can be used as a pendant.

My idea involves some technology and electronic circuits. Will that be ok?

While we wouldn’t want to discourage any ideas, please remember that ease of manufacturability is a part of the jury selection idea.

Can I change my idea once I’ve submitted it?

Yes, you can change/amend/modify your idea any number of times before the end of the deadline.

What does the winner get?

The top 10 finalists win INR 1,00,000 each from the Organizers. In addition, they also win a chance to contribute to the co-creation activity and assist the creation of their idea into a product form. The world will vote for their favourite ideas and the top ideas will make it to the Jury Selection round, after the end of which, the top 10 will win the cash prize of INR 1,00,000 each.

What are the timelines of this competition?

A: The contest opens on 1st October 2013 and submissions end on 30th November 2013. You can send in your ideas during this phase only.
B: Online voting for the top ideas of this phase will begin by the 3rd week of February and will go on till the last week of March unless extended.
C: Jury voting will then begin and shortlist these ideas into the top 20 ideas, and after a round of telephonic/face-to-face interviews will shortlist to top 10 ideas by the 1st week of May unless extended.
D: The co-creation activity begins from end of May 2014 unless extended.

Can I send more than one entry?

Yes, you may enter a maximum of 10 different submissions from the same login ID.

One of my ideas may already be under the portfolio of a different company. Is this ok?

Unfortunately, we will not accept any ideas that are currently in the portfolio of a different company or Tanishq. The entry will be deemed disqualified at any point of identification of this idea being a copied entry.

Will you select the Top 10 ideas or the Top 10 people (with different ideas?)

At the end of the competition, we aim to award the Top 10 people. There might be a case of one person with more than one top idea, but we will award the Top 10 nonetheless.

When will I know about the winner?

The top 10 Finalists will be announced on last week of December/first week of January after the Jury Interviews.

Do I need to buy Tanishq jewellery to participate?

No you are not required to buy any Tanishq jewellery to participate.

I have some doubts, but I cannot put them up on the discussion board because they are related to my idea. Who do I contact?

Please send in any of your queries to myexpression@titan.co.in or call up clearly describing your problem and attaching any screenshots if applicable.

How will the winners be notified?

We will be notifying the winners through the email and telephone.

Where will the co-creation activity be conducted?

The co-creation activities will be conducted in Bangalore and Hosur from mid-January 2014.

I will not be available for the co-creation activity in Bangalore. Would I still win the prize money?

Unfortunately, the co-creation activities in Bangalore are an essential part of the entire exercise, without which you would not be eligible for the cash prize. Please ensure that you would be available for those weekends.

I can’t see any information about the popular voting phase or the later ones.

We shall upload the FAQs and the instructions for each of these phases just before they start. So, hang on and let your creativity fire away!

I don’t have any certification or diploma in jewellery designing. Can I still participate in this contest?

Yes! Anyone, irrespective of their qualifications or experience can take part in this contest! We would definitely welcome ideas from anyone who is passionate about jewellery.